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If you have been thinking to change and replace your existing water heater with an on-demand one or making an on-demand water heater purchase, but you have yet to make up your decision. You might want to have a read of this following tips to make sure you will get the right one for your home.

The cost of purchasing water heater can be varied, as well as the cost of operating it. So, it is a significant investment to consider in choosing your water heater purchase. Some people are usually in a rush to regain their hot water supply so that they are often unable to do some research and take the time to purchase the most suitable unit for their specific need. That is an unfortunate matter because buying and operating a water heater can cost a lot of money, depending on the brand, type, specification, and on the feature.

To avoid the scenario above, familiarize yourself with the options that are available on the market, so that will allow you to understand before you are about to make your decision. It is essential to know how the on-demand water heater work, what are the features and specification, what type of maintenance are required, so you can make a purchase that aligns with your house needs as well as with your household’s budgetary needs.

Best On-Demand Water Heater information

These are the most basic points to be considered before you purchase or determine the best on-demand water heater for you –

  • Warranty

Is it essential to firstly check the warranty of your existing water heater because it usually covers a repair or even a replacement? Then, if you are ready to make a purchase, check the warranty of the unit that you would like to buy. Warranty could determine the quality and reliability of a product.

  • Size

The range of sizes of an on-demand water heater is varied. Take into consideration how many people living in the house and how much water you usually use, as well as how many home appliances that are run at once. It will help you decide on what level of capacity do you need, and which type is suit you most.

  • Durability

The durability of a unit determines what kind of materials are used. Premium quality materials should make a unit more durable and have a longer lifespan, with less maintenance or replacement needed.

Also, some of the advantages of using an on-demand water heater are:

  • Compact design

The nature of the sleek and compact design of an on-demand water heater allows you to have more space in your house since this unit won’t be taking up many areas. Additionally, maintaining and cleaning the on-demand water heater is also easier than managing the traditional one.

  • Eco-friendly

The on-demand water heaters are obviously more environmentally friendly, as these unit do not radiate or release any poisonous gas which is a great benefit. So, if you want to help to conserve the environment, you can start with this on-demand water   heater unit in your house.

  • Repairable

For the on-demand water heater,  all the spare parts are easily replaceable and repairable.

  • Low on operating costs

Say goodbye to massive electric bills every month, especially during colder seasons. This is one of the significant benefits of this unit can offers. Due to the operating system which only heats water on demand, it will use less energy. Unlike the traditional type one, which always stand-by all the time.

  • Unlimited supply of hot fresh water

An on-demand water heater will allow you to get an endless supply of hot clean water because the hot water that will be delivered to you is never sitting in the storage or any tank. This also reduce the risk of the hot water to be contaminated because of the rust from the tanks. Moreover, the hot water also does not depend on the capacity or size of the storage tanks, which means you will never run out of  hot water supply and you can take a long slow shower.

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Top Pick: EcoSmart ECO 27

The EcoSmart ECO 27 electric tankless water heater offers a high efficiency of energy usage. Once you installed this unit in your house, it will cut your gas bills down. The EcoSmart ECO 27 is an ideal unit if you are living in colder climates because its capability in power to heat water in a significant amount as well as in providing and delivering a hot water supply whenever you need it.

The uniqueness of this type of water heating unit is that it has a self-modulating technology that allows it to operate under a limited amount of energy. This unit features the advancement of technology for energy conservation. Moreover, it is also safe and has simple maintenance requirements.

The heater has an internal jumper that works for limiting the heat output to a maximum temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit, makes this unit a suitable option if you have young children or the elderly at your house.

Stiebel Eltron DHC 3-1 ranked as #2, budget pick.
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Budget Pick: Stiebel Eltron DHC 3-1

The Stiebel Eltron DHC 3-1 tankless water heater has an ultra sleek and compact design. It is also specially designed for basic point of use of household appliances, such as washroom, kitchen, sinks, etc. Concerning its small size, you can put in almost everywhere you need it the most.

You can put it under your kitchen sink, or in adjacent to your closet or drawers. Thus, it will directly provide a hot water supply to those appliances almost instantly. By placing this unit practically side-by-side to the point of use, means you will also reduce the energy consumption and thermal heat loss that usually occurs if you use a longer pipe to deliver the hot water.

Saving energy consumption means you will automatically save your money by smaller amounts of gas bills. However, this Stiebel Eltron DHC 3-1 is not recommended for to supply hot water for the whole house use.

Marey ECO110 220V ranked as #3
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Marey ECO110 220V

Electric Water Heater for US Southern Regions, Small, White

The ECO110 220V unit by Marey provides a perfect solution for multiple points of use within the house (for example it can supply hot water up to three showers simultaneously).

This type of unit capable of providing 38 degrees Fahrenheit increase at 6.5 GPM, which allows you to have multiple points of use running at once during hot climates. If you live in colder regions, The ECO110 220V unit able to reach up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit at 1.5 GPM to provide hot water output simultaneously.

Moreover, this unit also doesn’t need any preheating process to ensure a hot water supply as it will heat up the water instantly on demand. The method of boiling the water will be activated by water pressure from the second when the faucet is opened. The materials that are used to make this type of unit also a premium quality one with designed and built with corrosion resistant elements.


In summary, the on-demand water heater will provide you to have an unlimited amount of hot water supply, while also conserve the energy by not heating and reheating the water that is kept in storage or tank.

By giving you a three comparison of on-demand water heaters, hopefully, will provide you with some insights in choosing the suitable unit for your house. Some factors that are fundamental to be taken into consideration such as the durability of the unit and the efficiency.

Nonetheless, before you make your purchase, it is essential to consider the number of appliances you have in your house that may be used at once simultaneously. The Best on-demand water heater units can help you to save money by decreasing your energy bills. However, the actual cost savings might be negligible and insignificant if you do not choose the right type and size unit for your house. You can found more information about water heaters here.

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